Chanelle R. McCloud
of Professional Inspiration

Chanelle R. McCloud, M. Ed. is the founder and CEO of Professional Inspiration, LLC, a personal and professional development company, and has been inspiring youth and adults in the Greater Cleveland Area and other parts of Ohio for over a decade. The mission of the Professional Inspiration, LLC is to inspire people to greatness through words and education.

Chanelle R. McCloud, who was named a 2018 Who’s Who in Black Cleveland Featured Honoree, is an experienced educator who has worked with Cleveland Scholarship Program, Youth Opportunities Unlimited, Seeds of Literacy, St. Jerome School, and Euclid City Schools.

Most recently, Chanelle R. McCloud has authored professional development curriculum that is set to launch nationally in 2019, and McCloud will release her first book Letters from a Healing Heart in June 2019.


Chanelle, is also a doctoral candidate at Walden University and an adjunct professor at Ashland University. Professional Inspiration has a mission of inspiring people to greatness personally and professionally in a way that will leave a long lasting impression and spark positive change in many lives.


Chanelle is an associate with Pneuma Life Foundation as professional author, speaker and educator.





Tim White
of Tim White Publishing

Author and publisher of more than 85 books,

Tim White Sr. is a non-denominational licensed and ordained pastor who has served countless men and women seeking guidance and encouragement for over 45 years.

He is the founder and director of Tim White Publishing and the author of more than 85 books based on his research and experience on a variety of issues including domestic and other violences.  As a motivational speaker and non-traditional counselor, he is effective in areas of conflict mediation, prevention, and effective leadership development. His wisdom gives a fresh perspective on challenging issues people face daily.

I have written three books addressing the issue of domestic and other violences.

I have been asked why I wrote these three particular books and what do I feel they have to offer that other books do not? My answer is this. Everyone is unique and they face life from their different perspectives but truth is constant. My writing is to simplify how we approach life’s issues and show how each of us have the ability to make internal change that can have positive external impact.

Am I a better writer than others? No, that would mean I feel I’m in competition. I am a light bearer simply holding high the torch of faith. These three books were written to shine a greater light on the ongoing problem of domestic violence and what we can do individually to reduce it and in some cases end it.

These three books are part of a series that can help us see what part each of us either played a part in continuing or ending them.

Three Book Series on Domestic and other  Violences
You will be able to purchase Tim’s Books from Pneuma Life’s website soon. (50% of the purchase price will be donated to support the services of the organization) 


In The Ring with Heels on
Domestic violence  what can be done about it? 15 years, 15 hours, 15 minutes or 15 seconds so when does enough become  enough?

She’s the Boss
One of the darkest secrets is that of men suffering from domestic violence. Rarely is it spoken of and seldom admitted because of embarrassment and ridicule.

Victims of Bullies
Bullying is not just limited to school or even to one culture. In this book we will talk about who bullying affects, who can be a bully and it might surprise you who bullies, maybe even you.

Damsel In Defense

Edna Suber