Pneuma Life Foundation for the Prevention of Abusive Famiy Environments

Is organized to help families and individuals of abusive environments by providing support programs.  The Foundation is also organized to educate both religious and secular communities.

Pneuma Life Foundation

is committed to enhance the quality of life through quality of choice for victims of family violence. (2005)

Pneuma Life Foundation

the effects of family violence within all religious faiths and assist with the facilitation to combine efforts of all individuals, agencies and organizations interested in the immediate reduction, and eventual elimination of interpersonal and interfamilial violence. (1998)

Pneuma Life Foundation for the Prevention of Abusive Family Environments (PLF) is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation which networks with organizations and individuals.

The work of (PLF) has been to establish a roster of organizations both secular and religious to network and exchange information and learn about existing information and services throughout Ohio to assist the communities.  teh primary purpose is to encourage coorperation and understanding among individuals and institutions who help survivors of abusive environments

Pneuma Life Foundation for the Prevention of Abusive Family Environments is committed to enhance the quality of life through the quality of choice for victims of sexual and domestic violence. Services We Provide:

  • Victims Services
  • Referral/Resource Directory: Provides families and individuals of abusive environments with valuable resource information that promotes awareness, prevention and support services
  • National and Local Domestic, Sexual and Child Abuse Hotlines for help
  • Group and/or Individual Support Groups
  • Domestic Violence Advocate Training and Education
  • Domestic Violence Awareness Events
  • Community Education
  • Speakers Bureau
  • National Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-445
  • Teen Dating Violence: National Teen Dating Abuse   Helpline 1-866-331-9474
  • For Non-Emergency assistance, please contact us at 216.820.0122 for assistance with support, referral and/or resource information.  A support line assistant will return your call within the next 48 hours.
  • For Emergency assistance, please call 911 or The National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)



Ruth Johnson-Williams,

(Founder of Pneuma Life Foundation) was featured on the Podcast of “Professional Inspirations” with Chanelle McCloud on October 22, 2020, As one of the leading Advocates of Domestic Violence Prevention in Northeast Ohio.

Pneuma Life Foundation - Giving Tuesday

Food Distribution Day – Saturday, November 21st

Pneuma Life Foundation in partnership with,

Providence Baptist Church

Ministry of Reconciliation

With These Hands Child Care

Compassionate Manhood

Cleveland Heights YMCA

Convoy of Hope

Feeding the Hungry:

77 Adults

55 Children

(21) homes total


Helping the Homeless:

1 Adult


As the day begin to wind down,  while traveling down Superior Road Margrette and I saw what appeared to be a 78-80 year old lady, clad in a overside winter coat and mens gloves (way to big for her 4 foot frame…

On a torn up parking lot, ravishing through a garbage dumpster on one side of her and a clothing drop off bin on the other.

Stuff was thrown everywhere.

It was hard to tell she was there. She was so heavily concentrated on so many things to choose from.

Our hearts immediately went out to her. We still had a box of food left and thought we’d give it to her.

I pulled the car over carefully so she wouldn’t be startled while others drove by and onlookers watched, but no one sought to help her…

As I  approached her with a food bag in my hand, clearly she was startled, and she asked “who are you”…I gave her my name (Ruth) and told her I was from Providence Baptist Church hoping to gain her trust…and it did,

Then asked if she was ok..and she politely responded, “Baby I’m fine”

But how could she be fine in the cold elements, making food and clothing choices from the trash…

I told her we were out delivering food and warm socks and wanted to share some with her…she said sure that would be fine…

When asked I could we do anything else she said “no thats quite enough”….

Reaching out to give her a mask, Margrette said to her, “here wear this”…curiously looking it over she replied “what for”?

 GIVING  TUESDAY – December 1, 2020

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